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Superbowl XLVIII

Northwest FOC Weekend Schedule

We're providing rich selection of what Seattle has to offer -- we can keep you very busy or you can choose to lounge at the spa and pool.

We will take a poll of the guests who will have cars. By carpooling to the events we can accomodate everyone's needs without renting taxis or shuttles.

Thursday, July 31
For Early Birds

6:00 PM – Redmond Town Center Claim Jumper (side room)

Claim Jumper Restaurants are popular with a large audience including families, children, seniors and business professionals. Our friendly environment is ideal for celebrating special occasions, hosting a business lunch or gathering for a delicious meal with friends and family.

Redmond Town Center
Claim Jumper

Friday, August 1
Friday 9:00 AM – Hospitality Suite
Welcome FOC arrivals, K7FOC on the air

Friday 9:00 AM Spouses and Significant Others
The Shops at The Bravern
  - or -
The Bellevue Collection
  - or -
The Bellevue Botanical Gardens

The Shops at The Bravern
Friday 11:30 AM - 2:00 PM, W7GKF QTH

Lunch in the Maltby woods, QSOs with friends – on & off-air. Bill and Anne are famous for their hospitality throughout the state of Washington. Arrive early and don't miss this one.

Maltby Woods

Friday 3:30 PM - 6:00 PM, Living Computer Museum

The Living Computer Museum collection presents the meaningful milestones in the evolution of computers and how people use them. The collection was assembled by Microsoft cofounder Paul G. Allen as a way to preserve the history that put him and Bill Gates on the path to founding the company.

Living Computer Museum

Friday 6:30 PM – Dinner at the Crab Cracker

Situated in beautiful Kirkland, Washington, the Crab Cracker is the Eastside's most established seafood restaurant. With over 29 years of serving fresh crab, wild salmon and Northwest seafood in abundance, the Crab Cracker brings the best of the sea to your table. With our commitment to excellent service & cuisine, we always aim to exceed expectations. We source fresh, local, and sustainable ingredients.

the Crab Cracker

Friday 9:00 PM – Hospitality Suite

Late night QSOs. We will have a K3 set up for use by the attendees. We will have an antenna mounted on the roof of the Redmond Town Center Marriot so it should get out well.

Elecraft K3

Saturday, August 2
Saturday 9:00 AM – Hospitality Suite

Saturday 9:00 AM Spouses and Significant Others
The Shops at The Bravern
  - or -
The Bellevue Collection
  - or -
Redmond Town Center

Redmond Town Center

Saturday 9:30 AM -11:30 AM, Boeing Museum of Flight

The Museum holds one of the largest and most comprehensive air and space collections in the United States, containing millions of rare photographs and negatives, a world-class library, tens of thousands of artifacts, and over 150 rare aircraft and space vehicles.

Museum of Flight

Saturday 11:30 AM - 2:00 PM, W7QC QTH

Lunch in the Sammamish woods, tasting of recent home brews, QSOs with friends - eyeball & with paddle.

The barbeque lunch will be catered by Steve's sons - John and Tom. Adult beverages will include:
  • Home Brew featuring Northwest Hops
  • Selection of Soft Drinks
  • Selection of Wines

Sammamish Woods
Saturday 6:30 PM – Redmond Town Center Marriot
FOC Banquet (price covered by registration fee).

9:00 PM – Hospitality Suite
Late night QSOs

Good Food & Beverage

Sunday, August 3
9:00 AM – Hospitality Suite
FOC “Business” Meeting" – discussion – wrap-up, 73.

Business Meeting



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